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For the last few years great deals have been somewhat scarce.

I hear from fellow apartment owners all the time say “I’d really like to sell, but where would i put the money?”

Deal Exchange was created to help investors who want to “trade-up” get into great deals, no matter what cycle we are in.

Sell your building at the top of the market and move into a pre-negotiated, discounted property, direct to seller, with no brokers, agents, or commissions - which means... you get a better deal!

Deal Exchange:

Buyer Purchased 12% Under Market Value

Building Size: 109,615 SF
Spaces: 97 Units
Location: San Francisco, CA
Deal Exchange:

Buyer Purchased With 3% Down Financing

Building Size: 35,698 SF
Spaces: 24 Units
Location: Dallas, TX
Deal Exchange:

Purchased on a Master Lease Option. No Money Down, Value-Ad

Building Size: 59,104 SF
Spaces: 66 Units
Location: Nashville, TN
Deal Exchange:

Value-Ad Deal

Building Size: 21,400 SF
Spaces: 31 Units
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Deal Exchange:

Buyer Purchased 15% Under Market Value

Building Size: 48,425 SF
Spaces: 69 Units
Location: Phoenix, AZ

How do I do this?

I have trained hundreds of DEALMAKERS across America to Make Deals & Get Paid™

They are trained to go direct to seller, and negotiate the best off-market deal you will find.