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Matt Skinner “The Dealmaker” is training hundreds of Dealmakers across America to Make Deals & Get Paid™.  Because of the tremendous DealFlow, his private equity group cannot possibly buy every great deal that his Dealmakers put together.

That’s where you come in.

When you sign up now for Deal Exchange you will get access to incredible deals.
Put your contact information in, tell us exactly what you are looking to buy, the city, state, number of units, price range, etc. and Matt’s army of Dealmakers will go hunt that down for you.

Dealmakers go straight to Sellers, negotiate the best price and/or terms possible.  We purchase an exclusive option to buy the property and then bring it to you with a complete Due Diligence Drop Box, an easy to read summary of the property and how you will make money by buying it.

We have value add deals, cash flow deals, and appreciation deals.
We have A class assets and we have C class assets (and everything in between).
We have deals that will require all cash and a quick close (for you cowboys out there…)
And we have deals with pre-negotiated seller financing so you can put very little money down if you want to.

All you have to do, is sign up now, tell us exactly what you want, and we will deliver that property to you, ready and able to buy; with all the Due Diligence checked and double checked, and a Purchase Contract prepared and ready for you to sign.

This is perfect for those that have a 1031 Exchange or are just looking for better deals than what’s on the market.

There is not cost to join Deal Exchange.  At least not yet, so sign up now.

Deal Exchange is for real buyers only.  You must have a track record of buying properties or be able to show proof of funds when asked to maintain your membership status in good standing. We do not tolerate “daisy-chains” so if you are caught re-marketing the deals we have for sale you will be excommunicated.

Although we think brokers and agents are nice people, we do not buy deals from brokers and we do not pay finders fees or commissions to brokers who attempt to sell our OFF-MARKET properties.

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